Have you ever wanted to know the purpose of human life? What is the purpose of the Christian life?  

The church in Madison warmly welcomes you to read, be inspired, be encouraged, and learn all about the Christian life from personal revelations and stories written by our members. 

We “desire all men to be saved and to come to the full knowledge of the truth” (2 Tim. 2:4).


How May I Become a Christian

Are you ready to receive Christ as your Savior? Have you ever wondered what that really means? Find out what it means to be a Christian.


Guilt in our Conscience

Suppressing guilt or vowing to do better next time does not remove the gnawing feeling within. There is only one solution to remove that guilty feeling in your conscience. Learn how to remove and live a life free of guilt.


Fear of Death

I had not yet believed in God and I was very afraid of dying before having the chance to do so.   I had a fear of not only death but also hell.  I had heard about a place called hell and I did not want to go there.    


Checkerboard Square

Danforth believed that four “squares” are needed to be in balance in order to achieve fulfillment and success in life. Learn what these four things are and how you can live a life full of purpose

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