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The next Children Serving Ones fellowship will be: December 19th.  

The next Parents and Serving Ones fellowship will be: December 12th.

Service Schedule

Thank you to you all who are serving the children! Below is the link to the shared google sheet.  If you have any questions about scheduling, please contact Katie Packwood or Tiffany Lan.

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We have started lessons on Nehemiah!  The children seem to really enjoy the stories and we hope the serving ones are also enjoying them as well! 


Audio and Video

Please do not share or circulate any of the media files.  These are for the saints in Madison and for the serving ones. We hope you enjoy!


Deep and Wide

Link 1


Good Morning Lord Jesus

Link 2

Jesus’ Love

Link 3

Jesus Loves the Children Just Like Me

Link 4

Praise Him Praise Him

Link 5